Rock Show with Daniel P Carter 27/11/2016

BBC Radio 1

SUNDAY 19:00 (イギリス時間) より


・You Me at Six - Swear

・A Day to Remember - We got This

・Counterfeit - Addiction

・Beartooth - Hated

・Kellermensch - Bad Sign

Metallica - Dream No More

・AFI - Aurelia

・Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs

Green Day - Bouncing Off The Wall

Green Day - Bang Bang

Green Day - Troubled Times

・Against Me! - 333


・Gone Is Gone - Gift

・Kellermensch - Bad Sign

Queens of the Stone Age - Keep Your Eyes Peeled

・Highly Suspect - For Billy

・Pulled Apart by Horses - The Big What If

・letlive. - Foreign Cab Rides

・Creeper - The Honeymoon Suite

・Pierce the Veil - King For A Day

・Bad Rabbits - Original

・Glassjaw - New White Extremity

・Brutai - Never Change

Killswitch Engage - Cut Me Loose

Lamb of God - Culling

・Wars - The Art of Not Knowing


A Perfect Circle - The Outsider

Soundgarden - Rusty Cage (Edit)

・Awooga - Thief

・Smile - Staring At the Sun

・Black Map - Run Rabbit Run

・Car Bomb - Gratitude

・Brurus - All Along

・This Becomes Us - Painter Man Is Coming

・Om - State of Non-Return

・Pijn - Dumbstruck And Floodlit

・Earth Moves - There Was an Apple Orchard Here

・Deafheaven - Gifts For The Earth


 You Me at Six - Swear


 Brutai - Never Change