Rock Show with Daniel P Carter 22/05/2016

BBC Radio 1

SUNDAY 19:00 (イギリス時間) より


・Letlive. - Reluctantly Dead

Biffy Clyro - Wolves Of Winter

・Beartooth - Hated

・The Amity Affiction - I Bring The Weather With Me

・Architects - Phantom Fear

・Black Foxxes - I'm Not Well

・blink-182 - Built This Pool

・blink-182 - Bored To Death

・John Coffey - No House For Thee

・Creeper - Astral-Projection

・Andrew Dennis Biersack - Homecoming King

・Heavens - Patent Pending

・Billy Idol - White Wedding


・Type O Negative - Black No.1

・Andrew Dennis Biersack - Ribcage

Thrice - Death From Above

・Architects - Phantom Fear

Funeral for a Friend - Juno

・Making Monsters - Call Me Out

・Bring Me The Horizon - Avalanche

・Brand New - I Am A Nightmare

Marilyn Manson - Slave Only Dreams To Be King

・Gojira - Silvera

・JMP - Reverse Gravity

・Sinsaenum - Army of Chaos

・HIM - Venus Doom


・Dé & The Ones - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

・D.R.I. - Against Me

・Hesitation Wounds - Bleach

・Nails - Savage Intoloerance

・Big Business - Father's Day

Nomad Stones - The Frugal Yankee

・Yüth Forever - Warmth

・Schammasch - Father's Breath

・Curezum - One Hundred Years

・All Your Sisters - Loss

・Muscle and Marrow - My Fear

・Chelsea Wolfe - Iron Moon

・Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound

・Wes Borland - The Cliffs