Rock Show with Daniel P Carter 03/04/2016


SUNDAY 19:00(イギリス時間)より


・Against the Current - Wasteland

・Andrew Dennis Biersack - Stay Alive (feat. Matt Skiba)

・Pierce the Veil - Texas Is Forever

・Issues - The Realest

Deftones - Hearts Wires

・Black Peaks - White Eyes

・PVRIS - You & I

・Basement - School

Mayday Parade - Letting Go

・Real Friends - Cooler Quicker

・Boston Manor - Gone

Thrice - Blood On The Sand

・Making Monsters - Better

Deftones - Hearts Wires

Biffy Clyro - Wolves Of Winter

・Royal Blood - Where Are You Now

・Architects - A Match Made In Heaven

・The Fall Of Troy - 401k

・BABYMETAL - Sis.Anger

・Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island

・While She Sleeps - Our Legacy

・Polar - Until the Light

・Rotting Out - End Of The Road

・Nothing - Eaten By Worms

Napoleon - Afterlife

・Guns N'Roses - Welcome To The Jungle

・Ihsahn - Crocked Red Line

・Limb - Dawn Raiders

At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor

・Sunndrug - Denial

・Weekend Nachos - Writhe

・The Body - The Fall and the Guilt

・Cult of Luna & Julie Christmas

・The Ever Living - Separated At Death

・Bossk - The Reverie Ⅱ

・Haast's Eagled - The Uncle

・Explosions in the Sky - Tangle Formations